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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  October 3, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> from highway 4 to 6 80, car accidents kept emergency crew busy on bay area roadways. highway patrol says that is the norm for the season first rain as the streets turn slick. good evening everyone. dan has the night off. the rain is still falling tonight. you can see the wet streets in palo alto. spencer christian is here now with a live look at live doppler 7 hd. >> okay. rainfall scattered around the bay area but as you can see it's breaking up right now. look at live doppler 7 hd. some areas drying out at
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the moment but we have some wet spots so let's close in and look what we have some rather moderate rainfall parts of the east bay right now around concord, antioch, brentwood moderate rainfall but drying out here in the north bay and right around san plan as well down on to the peninsula. south light rain reaching south ward through fremont and san jose and pocket of rain in the santa cruz mountains so this system is now weakening and falling apart but we have some substantial rainfall total from this system in some location. 44/100ths of an inch in saint helena. 3800 in santa rosa and nearly 4 tenth at kent field. over half inch at ben lo man and san francisco and oakland and this event is winding down but there is a stronger much more vigorous storm headed our way. i'll details on that a little bit later and complete accu-weather forecast. >> all right thank you spencer. >> grape growers in the livermore valley say this early rain should not affect their crop. the rain does have some napa valley vendors worried. wayne has that story.
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>>reporter: april hours bring may flowers then the ones in october bring blisters to the wine country. and lots of them. especially when it falls this early in the season. >> it's busy. >>reporter: that would be an under statement for matt who deals with 1300 acres of worry every day he goes to work or stays at home for that matter. he runs the vineyard for mondav i and francis can. man whose fortune can change with the element. >> rain on october 3rd is not normal. usually get rain later in october. a little bit worse at this point. >>reporter: at least they had warning. not as if the harvest had not already begun. chardonnet and most red grapes already in but these ripening butte remain a matter of concern. cabernet and because of the cool spring still good 3 weeks away from being ready to pick. they belong to vine hill vineyard and today managing partner bruce phillips only sit back and less glamorous work and trust that the heartness of
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the grapes will see them through. >> 70 acres under vine but if the fruit is not ripe you can't come in and pick it and expect to make fine wine. >>reporter: concerns too much rain and water might lead to mold and ruin grapes. that word might is key. probably not is more likely. besides, fine wine always have drama. not only in this case but this year apparently also in the growing. >> we stop a kim days and let it dry but back out on thursda thursday. >>reporter: why can't you pick when it is rain. >> it might dillute the flavor. a lot of water the water will be in the wine as well and we don't want that. >> growers tell us they can handle half inch of rain in the next few days no problem for the grape. able to dry out if the warm weather follows. if you want to summarize this, imagine a wine tasting few years from now and some affection lover saying i taste a little rain on october 3rd. reporting from the napa valley, abc 7 news.
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prominent silicon valley democrat and supporter of president obama tried to warn the white house to stop the from the from visiting solyndra plant in may despite half billion dollar stimulus loan from the feds, that company filed for bankruptcy last mont month. david lou has the story from free mont. >> senior white house advisor to the president received several e-mails warning solyndra might fail and embarrass the president. one of those e-mails came just before president obama visited solyndra newly completed solar tube plant financed mostly by 5 35 million dollar federally backed stimulus loan. steve wesley who was california co-chair of the president 2008 campaign wanted to postpone the visit. his e-mail said quote the president should be careful about unrealistic optimistic forecast that could haunt him if solyndra hits the wall, files for bankruptcy. solyndra filled for bankruptcy last month. costing 1100 workers their jobs. president obama
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defended the loan in an interview with abc george stephanopolous. >> behind sight is always 2020. it went through the regular rae view process and people felt like this washington a good bet. >>reporter: a capitalist even tried to wave a warning frad. brad jones a founding partner at red point venture warned then presidential economic advisor lawrence summers that quote i can't imagine it's a good way for the government to use taxpayer money. abc 7 political analyst and uc berkeley professor bruce cane expects a few heads to rollover this. >> if you make a huge mistake, if you make a misjudgment that cost billions of dollars and embarrassment to the president, that you will be held accountable for that and i think to not fire anybody would be a mistake. >>reporter: cane says energy secretary steven choo is likely target. the e-mail trail may only the beginning. >> we may find that fundraising or political influence played a
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role and so i don't think this is over. we don't know the stentd of people that may potentially have their jobs on the line. >>reporter: the e-mail also provides insight in the way top donor given access to the white house and into the way decisions are evaluated for potential political fall out. in san jose, david lou abc 7 news. >> largest medical marijuana dispensary on the west coast has lost battle with the irs. it's ruled that harbor side health center of oakland and presumably other pot club as well can not deduct the cost of things like payroll and rent as other businesses do. because the federal government considers them to be involved in the trafficking of controlled substances. as a result harbor side owes millions in back taxes. chief financial officers tell thes the bay citizen the irs ruling could force harbor side to close down. >> san leandro police release add sketch of man they are calling a person of interest in a triple murder over the weekend. he's described as light come nrebingted black male 18 to 21 years old with thin mustache bleached hip on
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the shoulder length deadlock and diamond imbedded in 4 of the gold teeth. police want to talk to him about the shooting death of 16-year-old the and 23-year-old joshua and 19-year-old all 3 shot to death outside this building early sunday morning following a tattoo themed party. >> a lot of yellow tape. suv was still there. bodies were still on the ground covered in yellow blankets. wasn't wasn't a good scene. >>reporter: 3 people were also wounded in the attack. 2 of them are still in the hospital tonight. >> amanda knox should be back in seattle in the next day or 2. a judge overturned her conviction for the murder of her roommate. for nearly 4 years the american exchange student was confined to a cell and allowed outside one hour every day. elizabeth vargas reports tonight from italy. >> the tension grew with every one of the nine hours of 30
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ration. then well in the night the appeal judge summoned knox from the 13 by 13 if the cell that has been her home for so long. her family walking hand in hand made their way to the 15 century courthouse. taking their place as amanda sat trembling before the judge. speaking deliberately in italian the judge rejected claims she and the boy trend were part of lurid sex murder. stunning moment. words amanda knox and her family had longed to hear. >> both defendant have been acquitted. >>reporter: when those words sank in the 24-year-old broke down. slumping in her seat. sobbing. she was free. her conviction and 26 year sentence overturned. the courtroom erupted in cheers. sf her jubilant family embracing and still absorbing the news. 4 year odyssey to clear their daughter in the murder of 21-year-old meredith finally over. outside the courtroom there was outrage. as knox
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family made their way out of the courtroom her younger sister and best friend diana stepped up to the microphone. now a joyful family spokesman. >> we are thankful that amap today nightmare is over. p.m. suffered for 4 years for a crime she didn't commit. >>reporter: then lead attorney who had defended seattle student from the start over 100 hearings and crushing guilty verdict 2 years ago. >> today she was scared. she knew that the day was important. it was between life in jail and complete dismissal then of course very scared. >>reporter: she was hustled back to prison for the last time. she was finishing raw teen paperwork before being flown out of the country back to her home in seattle. this day of judgment started with knox emotional plea in court to be freed. her voice shaking so much the judge told her she could sit if necessary. about she said i am paying with my
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life for something i didn't do. i didn't kill. i didn't rape. i am innocent. i want to go home. i want to go back to my life. i deserve freedom. l. >>reporter: that was elizabeth vargas reporting. still ahead tonight. disturbing details that led to the discovery of a sea lion along highway 101 on the peninsula. >> alternative energy in the oil field. tonight chevron puts the power of the sun to work and extracting crude oil from the ground. also san francisco rent out precious parking spaces to drive certain motorist out of their cars. 7 news at 9 will drive certain motorist out of their cars. 7 news at 9 will be right
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they do? yup. so you were checking me yup. out? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. those five food groups sound a whole lot better when you put them in a taco shell instead of a pyramid. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. >> we are learning more about the disoriented sea lion that startled draivrs and shut down traffic on highway 101 this weekend in burlingame. staff have dubbed the 150 pound female broadway bound sea lion discovered flopping across 8 lanes of traffic on 101 saturday morning. she ended up in a ditch near the broadway off ramp. that's how the nick came came about. vet treating her say she's suffering from a gunshot wound in the jaw possibly from seizure as well. that may have played a role in her wandering into traffic. gas leak forced evacuation
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of city hall and other government buildings in downtown benecia today. happened around noon when construction crew replacing a water main accidentally hit a 4 inch gas line. dozens of resident along east kay and l.street also evacuated. it caused evacuation of city hall, library, senior center and the police department in benecia. >> our primary dispatch center had to be relocated so emergency operation center. dispatching from alternate location. right now we are able to deal with any subsequent calls that are needed to be responded to. >>reporter: pg&e cap the leak by 2:30 and lifted evacuation order. city hall and/or buildings reopened a short time later. parking in san francisco just got more challenging in one neighborhood. jonathan bloom shows us why. >>reporter: first shared car to live in what was a public parking spot. local non-profit city car sherry's paying 150 dollars a month to make this
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space a tow away zone reserved for the blue prius that pay a monthly fee can check out when needed. >> there are times when you need a car and speaking of someone who is, has no car and is mid and has kids, it's d doable in san francisco because car sharing fills the gap. >>reporter: shared cars will show up at poll being and granite, clay and fill more harriett south of market and 17 and valencia as part of 6 month pilot program. shared cars are typically parked in big private garages. there are none in russian hill so the mayor says neighborhood groups asked for this instead. >> they are willing to offer up in a very positive way their own space that is they have been competing for every single night to be able to use car sharing as a philosophy. >>reporter: when transportation planner first announce they are taking away 3 parking space for city car share some neighbors were not exactly pleased. but now one of them tells us he's changed his mind even though this means one less spot for him to park his own car. >> when i park my car i usually
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park it there for quite some time and for certain trips i take the zip car. >>reporter: because you don't want to lose your parking spac space. >> pretty much. >>reporter: he says now he may switch from zip car. >> car share right outside my house is actually pretty amazing. >>reporter: but electrician olson worries now he can have to park even farther away on jobs. do you think this one space could make the difference for somebody lacking for parking. >> definitely could in this neighborhood. it's that tight nishtion san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and the reason our dan ashley is not here with us tonight is because he's hosting the annual charity golf tournament. his friends at camp concord fundraiser this year in alamo. there he is every year erases enough money to send up to 500 deserving kids on all expenses paid camping trip to south lake tahoe. >> one of the great things about friends of camp concord and one of the priorities is to make sure that all of the kids that go up to camp at south lake tahoe are anonymous in terms of who is on scholarship.
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counselors don't know and other kids don't know who is there on scholarship. they are just kids having fun at camp. >>reporter: in the 16 years that dan has been doing this roughly 7000 children have enjoyed a week of camp at south lake tahoe. if you would like to help got to our web site and click on see it on tv. just a terrific event. for those very deserving kids. spencer christian is here now with a look at our forecas forecast. still a bit wet out there. >> i wanted to go to camp today. wet around here. still is wet outside. early autumn rainfall. live view from our high definition mount sutro camera out over san francisco. light rain over much of the bay area at this hour. not much happening right here in san francisco at the moment but still some moisture in the air as you can probably see from this camera view. here's our live doppler 7 hd showing the cold front that brought us tonight's rainfall sort of falling apart and we have spty patchy rainfall drying off in some parts of the north bay and parts of the peninsula and it's all just sort of tapering off.
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so let's look at our highlights and see showers diminish overnight. partial clearing tomorrow and stronger more vigorous storm comes in tomorrow night and continues into wednesday morning. here's satellite radar composite image showing the frontal image with the current dose of rainfall weakening falling apart and tapering off in the overnight hours and now we have to get prepared for the next system that is building tout sea. that will arrive late tomorrow night so let me set up the time lapse here or time line for you starting at 7:00 o'clock some night at which point we see the first rainfall developing up in the northern most part of our viewing area and 10:00 o'clock tomorrow night more concentrated rain still mainly confined to the north bay but then the frontal still will sweep through rather quickly by 2 okay tomorrow morning wednesday morning rather. tomorrow night into wednesday morning see some heavy stormy weather moving through. heavy did you know pour perhaps even thunder accompanying these did you know pour but this frontal system will sweep through rather quickly and then by 5:00 o'clock in the morning on wednesday we see a little bit
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of a break behind the frontal system. rain fall tapering in another batch of showers and rain will manufacture through wednesday afternoon so it's a wet afternoon into the early evening then another break perhaps some lingering showers into thursday morning. so the bottom line is midweek is wet and in the sierra winter storm warning in effect from 11:00 o'clock tomorrow night to 1:00 o'clock thursday afternoon. could see up to foot of snow above 7000 feet. 3 to 6 inches above 6000 feet. and of course chain controls are likely with that kind of snow. four back to the bay area. follow the time line again. look terrain fall projection. total by 7:00 o'clock wednesday night probably be up to about 2 and a half inches in the north bay mountains anywhere from 3 quarters inch to inch and a half in the north bay. generally. east bay half inch to inch and a half. half inch to inch in the south bay. 3 quarters inch to inch and a half on the peninsula and up to 2 inches in the santa cruz mountains. this is going to be a wet weather event. low pressure tonight mainly mid
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50's although a little cooler in parts of north bay upper 40's to le50's. hay tomorrow will be generally in the 60's but the inland east bay parts of the south bay may see low 70's and here's our accu-weather 7 day forecast. wet and stormy midweek. showers taper off on thursday. sunny and milder conditions on friday then it warms up nastily over the weekend. back to almost summer like levels within land high sunday and monday in the 80's up to about 80 around the bay. upper 60's on the coast. so we start off with cool and rainy weather this week. end up with sunny mild almost summer like weather for the weekend. >> that seems like more what it should be at this time of year. october normally is warm. >> pretty warm. early part at least. thanks. >> coming up. million dollar winner of nasa green flight challenge. all electric plane that is saving energy in the air. >> i was never told if i walked down the roadway i would be arrested. >> police crook down makes the up wall street demonstrators
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even more committed to continu continuing their sit in, even more committed to continu continuing their sit in, indefinitely
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are. >> team from pennsylvania the winner of nasa first evergreen flight challenge. of this company took home the 1.3 million dollar prize for the innovative all electric aircraft. winning plane traveled 200 miles in less than 2 hours. and used just more than 1 good of fuel for passenger. nasa hopes new technology developed for the challenge will inspare more innovation in electric powered aircraft. >> electric motor has many l fewer moving parts than a conventional gasoline engine. so in addition to much reduced emission and higher efficiency, we think that they have the potential to be much more reliable by virtue of being simpler. so we think it's a
9:25 pm
win-win all the way around. >>reporter: nasa teamed up with google for the competition which took place last week if santa rosa a. >> chevron has launched what it is calling the world largest use of solar power in the oil field. they began using it today at one of the country oldest drilling sites near company licensing a in the san joaquin valley. we have the story. >> energy source of the future. but here it's being used for more tradition until energy source. these giant mirrors are helping to pump oil out of the ground. >> basically works by reflecting the sun energy from this field of mirrors up to receiver on the top of the 330 foot tower. >> there's a boiler full of water up there heated to 500 degrees by the sun. turns to hissing steam. shuts down pipes in the tower and surrounding oil well on the ground. here we have an oil field that is more than 100 years old and it is made up of oil that is called heavy so it
9:26 pm
is real thick syrupy type oil. >>reporter: the steam makes that gunk flow. >> it will ayous us to produce a lieutenant more domestic oil here in california than otherwise we would never get out of the ground. >>reporter: using steam to extract oil isn't a new process. in many old oil fiel fields the steam is generated in boiler fawld by natural gas. but that's not always available. >> parts of the world where there is no natural gas infrastructure sought ability to use the sun to produce steam to get more oil out means more economic sense wishing nearly 8,000 mirror on 100 acre this is the largest solar steam facility in the world. look like the whole town here turned out for a tour and fifth grader johnson had a question. >> is it true that if a bird flies through that right now it would catch on fire. >> yes. if a bird were to fly through it, it would catch on fire. >>reporter: but the possibility of fried bird aside. >> i think it's pretty amazing. >> one thing this project suggests is that even big oil
9:27 pm
companies are looking to the sun to save on energy costs. this is abc 7 news. and when the news at 9 continues tonight lawmaker target specific business by name, not often you hear that. >> what bank of america has didn't here is an outrage. >> what is behind the senator outrage coming up. >> i'm in sacramento. the issue pits cash strapped california against low income patient who demand medical care. i'll tell you about the case that went before the u.s. supreme court today. >> cancer and exercise. could working up a sweat shut down the cancer cell trying dormant in all of our bodies. another half hour of news continues in in all of our bodies. another half hour of news continues in a moment
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>> good evening once again. i'm carolyn johnson in for dan ashley. here's a look at the headlines we are following tonight. keep umbrella handy more rain expected late tomorrow night up to half inch here and up to foot of snow in the sierra. silicon valley inved obama supporter steve wesley says he warned the white house to reconsider the president visit to now bankrupt solyndra last year saying the company may not survive and the president visit could prove embarrassing. president today says he doesn't regret in investing in clean technology. >> american foreign exchange student amanda knox left italian prison a free woman. appeals court in italy threw out the 2009 murder conviction after reexamination of dna evidence raised serious dots about the case. knox served 4 years for the death of her roommate. u.s. supreme court is taking up a case that arose from the state budget crisis over medical care for the poor.
9:32 pm
state cut the money it pays to doctors for mel medi-cal patients and those patients have no longer equal access to health care. we have the stor story. >>reporter: the case pit cash strapped california against low income patients who are demanding guaranteed medical care. at issue can the state cut the rate it pays doctors under medicaid that is administered in california as the medi-cal program. dr. dr. simon says no. reimbursement rate are already so low he can barely stay open. up to continue percent cut would be devastating. >> we have to cut back. we have 12 clinic here. we have to eliminate the clinic that are in most difficulty and reduce our staffing. >>reporter: the state of california argues doctors and low income patients don't have the right to sue because the statute that created medicaid doesn't list them. >> it doesn't say anything about whether or not these people who are suing are allowed to come that court and
9:33 pm
sue. >> california department of health care services also notes the medicaid law fails to dictate a minimum dollar amount that patients must 7 in benefits. it only spells out that the funding needs to be quote sufficient. test the state believes it has met. >> target reduction that we believe will awill you us to continue providing meaningful health care services to our most needy individuals. >>reporter: but for the 7 and half million medi-cal patients like patricia a, cutting payments could mean more and more doctors revving to see them. creating a wider gap between the quality of health care for those with private insurance and those on public assistance. >> it's not equal. you are supposed to be equal. united states is about being equal to one another. not about whether or not you are can afford to be quul to one another. >>reporter: ruling could take several months. 10% cut has been on hold since 2008. at stake is over 1 billion dollars in savings to the state budget. obama administration is fighting with california on this one. in sacramento, abc 7
9:34 pm
news. >> hay court also refused to step in the spat between a customer would bought the software here. they tried to resell it on ebay but they said he doesn't own the stock and didn't have the right to resell it. justices turned away the customer appeal. >> protest movement against corporate greed has spread from new york to the bay area. protestors have set up a small tent city in front of the federal reserve building on market street. they are called up san francisco. and model itself after the group that began protesting 3 weeks ago on wall street. they blame the ultra rich an corporation for the nation financial problems. >> just sprang up organically because of the sentiment in the minds of the people right now and that is we have to do something. time is running out. we need to stand up and join together now. >>reporter: group says it gathers every nature to hear concerns from the public and figure out a way to change the way wall street operates. they
9:35 pm
plan to continue their protest indefinitely. men time dan harris on the protestors in new york and how that group is also digging in for the long-haul. >> with 14 million americans out of work and wall street profit still stratosphere it was a fuse ready to be lit. it started with fewer than a dozen college students but when video of a police officer pepper spraying female protestors went viral, the movement grew. this past weekend 700 people were arrested when they stormed the brooklyn bridge. now major union are joining in as are celebrity lake susan van done and alec baldwin and similar protest are popping up across america. you want to see more of this and not just here. >> yes we are tired angry mad saying something about it. >> this is functional little city. give you a tour. start hear with the information desk for people who are nuling arrived. behind that this
9:36 pm
whole area back here this is the media area. filled with blogers and other people getting the word out and powered by donated generators. this is a food station. all free and all donated including cookies that came in today from a grandmother in idaho. they don't have a clear focus. experts say social movement often start small and disorganized. as happened with unemployment protest during the great depression. so i'm temp tempted to write the kids mostly kids off as people having a good time in public park, issued rethink that. >> yes. >>reporter: because there is about temperaturesal hear >> >> there is potential here. especially now that it's legitimate. >>reporter: may not have concrete demands but they say their make shift city is a model for how america should live and they are not leaving any time soon. dan harris abc news new york. president obama says bank of america new 5 dollar a month fee for debit card purchases is bad for business and says it is another example of why the
9:37 pm
country needs a strong consumer watch dog. >> while holding up a plastic debit card on the senate floor today illinois senator dick durbin had some advice for bank of america customers angry about the new monthly fee. >> bank of america customers swrot your feet. get the heck out of that bank. find yourself a bank or credit union that won't xwouj 5 dollars a month and still will give you a debit card that you can use every single day. >>reporter: and for some ideas about ching to the a new bank michael says you should look at 2 web sites feigned a better and credit better bank ask question list bank what happened they charge. credit union lists credit union that would you qualify to join. both link posted on our web site. you will feigned them under see it on tv. the ceo of starbucks wants to jolt the economy by funding small businesses and you can help. donate 5 dollars to
9:38 pm
starbucks either on line or at a store and you get a bracelet and knowledge your money funds loan money to small business such as the florist or baker. howard shuttle doesn't think it's sad his company has to sell bracelet to fund businesses. >> there's a lot about america that one can conclude is sad right now. but l i don't want to look at it that women. i'm an optimistic entrepreneur and i want to create positive change. >>reporter: starbucks is in partnership with opportunity finance network, non-profit and put up 5 million dollars of seed money left by bank that won't lend. >> white house turned pink tonight in breast cancer awareness month. the lit up with the color because of the cause. and tonight there's compelling new form about the crucial role exercise play ins the fight against all kinds of cancer. that story from lindsay davis. >>reporter: breast cancer changed her life. and now
9:39 pm
she's being pro active with something else she believes to be life changing. exercise. >> being breast cancer survivor l you don't ever want to go through that experience. if anything i could do to help myself not to go through it again i'm all for it. >>reporter: you think going to the gym might be doing that. >> absolutely. >>reporter: physical activity has previously been linked with lower risk of breast and colon cancer but now scientist are beginning to understandhy. for starters the more fat cell you have in your body the more insulin and estrogen which can both help cancer cells grow. >> activity can actually change the surrounding cells. it can change potentially surrounding estrogen level, insulin and other chemical that can serve lake fad for tumor cell. >>reporter: exercise also helps reduce stress and inflammation. both of which can help cancer cells grow. study of about 4000 women with breast cancer found those with the highest level of physical
9:40 pm
activity had half the rvbing of dying compared to those without exercise. another study found greatest benefit occurred if women who walked 3 to 5 hours a week at an average pace. >> we certainly have abnormal cell that circulate in our body and our body are programmed to find them and get rid of them and exercise may one of the many things that help our bed do this. >>reporter: she certainly doesn't need any more incentive to hit the gym. lindsay davis, new york. >> san francisco general hospital has gained certification for the treatment of traumatic brain injury. recognition is expected to set the standard for other hospitals around the country. sf general has attention given to brian stowe who suffered the brain giraffe attacked outside the stadium. new certification as washington awarded based on the image technology and research. specialist see more than 1200 patients every year with traumatic brain and spinal
9:41 pm
cord injuries. still ahead. flooding and face back. how natural disaster turns into a political humiliation. >> plus most powerful telescope in the world opens for busines business. had i was able to take these amazing
9:42 pm
at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. ask is. >> spectacular chemical plant fire in dallas suburb is finally out tonight. schools in the neighborhood had to be evacuated thick black smoke
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bill owed into the air. they make custom chemical for industrial cleaning no. injuries reported. >> philippine government has suspended an employee who posted a fake image on facebook of 3 officials inspecting the damage prosecute last week typhoon. take a look. the photo shop image was discovered by a blogger and sensation on the internet. other blogers mocks department of public work by making more fake images. here they are standing in last supper and here are the 3 officials with the beatles on abby road. government says the officials did in fact inspect the damage in manila bay and no knowledge of the image on the face book page two too typhoon killed nearly 60 people. thousands of others are still stranded. although floodwater are slowly receding. >> new tool is letting scientist explore darkest col coldest and farther reaches of space. telescope is high in the andes and study things in space that happened hundreds of
9:46 pm
millions of years ago thcht picture shows a pair of galaxy colliding. they were captured using 2 different wave length. they allow astronomers to study extremely cold object that appear dark through normal tell scopes. partnership project of europe, north america and east asia. you haven't got mail. just how much we get a personal you haven't got mail. just how much we get a personal letter f
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l. >> odds are it has been awhile since the last time you received a personal letter in the mail. in an annual survey the post office says the average household gets one personal letter about every seven weeks. that's almost two months. doesn't include holiday or birthday cards. in 1987 it was about a letter every two weeks. all right let's get one last check of our wet forecast from spencer
9:50 pm
christian. >> okay. things are wet out there. but rainfall tapering off right now. you can see on our doppler that not all of the bay area is currently covered in the green stuff and rainfall tapered off in the north bay, around san francisco, parts of the peninsula. we still have light rainfall east bay south bay and santa cruz mountains. to tomorrow forecast it's partly cloudy with dray day high pressure generally in the 60's and inland east bay parts of the south bay high in the low 70's. similarly intermonterey baylow 70's inland and hay in the 60's near the bay. there's another storm coming our which though. building out at sea right now that will come in tuesday night into wednesday. that is a big rain maker so here's our accu-weather 7 day forecast. we have rain heavy at times overnight tomorrow night into wednesday. maybe even some lingering showers into thursday morning and then sunny mild friday through next monday within land high climbing back in the 80's by sunday. >> lacks nice. >> that's the kind of october
9:51 pm
we expect. >> i'm waiting for that. mike is here now with a look ahead to sports. everyone is still talking about the niners. >> that's right. 2 game lead in the west. go 49 ers. 20 point deficit to beat the eagles. the dream team. head coach break it down for us like you have never heard before. coach break it down for us like you have never heard before. next ♪
9:52 pm
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>> preview of tomorrow i-phone announcement. what the wildly popular phone is expected to do now. >> and are you ready for some football? why the man who wrote the famous theme song for monday night football is in hot water with the espn. all coming up in an hour on 7 news over on channel 7. >> right now mike is here. still talking niners and especially alex smith. >> probably best game as a pro. 49 ers at such a disadvantage this season with new head coach. no off season work out and yet jim harbaugh is like a
9:55 pm
mad professor figuring out what to do with the materials given. starting to understand what the players are capable of and they are starting to understand his offense and defense. ty points down in the third. behind quarterback smith he was 9 for 9. 179 yards in the quarter. frank gore and kendall hunter proved to be a great 1-2 punch with this first down on third and 7. then gore punts it in for the game winning touch down in first 100 yard game this season. team is come together. kind of revving to lose. evidence here with smith ran down jeremy from behind to end the game with this fumble. >> kind of like the guy in the movies who no matter what you do to them blow him up, shoot him, knife him you can't kill him. keeps coming back. you prefer to be the guy in the movies that relentless guy who he's resilient and always finds a way to kill you. that's where we would rather g go. go from resilient to relentless. >> that is just what they have done. niners get tampa bay
9:56 pm
next. in and out full force. first career start and intern what i thought was a seizure turned out she won this with the touch down. colts up. ma manning loving it. but it wasn't enough. fourth quarter. busting loose. 250 pounds break out for 35 yard run. dives in for the score. 24-17. they are now 3 and 1. now the raiders explosive on offense. struggle on defense but their dilemma has always been penalty and timely mistake. they showed up yesterday in the loss to patriots. 2 penalty in the first drive of the game. third down. led to score. then right before the half campbell threw this as he admit add bone head pick instead of 17-14 lead raiders were down 17-10 at the half. first drive of the thir third. dodge ball with the raider defense. 24-10 lead. that's hard to overcome but today hue jackson remains confident.
9:57 pm
>> we are in the becoming down from what the expectation here is by no stretch of the imagination. in the about to change. we are going to win the afc west and do everything we can to get in the play offs and challenge a superbowl. i'm not becoming down from that. >> got to like. that detroit was rocking tonight. tigers game away from the alcs. rough night for vallejo. 4 earned runs and 5 plus innings this game tied at 4 in the seventh until young jumps up with a big hit of solo bomb off this. didn't have the best game but still sharp. unusual license of 4 run and 11 k. 8 inning tigers can close-out the series tomorrow night. look to go go up 2 1 in their series against the rays. bottom 4 all of this one. see you. solo shot. first of 2 on the day. 1 nothing rays. stayed that which to the seventh. mike crushes one off david
9:58 pm
price. 2 run shot. part of a 4 run inning. rangers win it 4-3. win away from the alcs. a little college football. undefeated stanford cardinal preparing for colorado this saturday but if you miss the win over ucla. here's a couple greatest quarterback. quarterback luck reverse pass from true carol check it out. one handed. got the foot in bounds. only one in college. that's sick. then tight end comes one this snag. another one handed butte. snatching it out of the air. sanders catch a little tougher as he is a quarterback but both had some fun witness afterwards. >> just try to put my hands up there and catch the ball. i hoped i had a foot in bounds. glad i was playing with the one foot in rule. >> l he made me look bad with the 1 handed catch so i felt like hi to one hand catch. >> this upside down layout grab
9:59 pm
against check this out. face up. back to the ground hits hard holds on. are you kidding me? that will be our catch of the day. i feel in lake i played so long ago now we used to use 2 hands when we made catches back then. >> really. >> that's. >> doesn't that hurt your spine watching that catch. >> it does. young kid will bounce right back up. we would all still be laying there. >> lucky to be alive. >> exactly. >> that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00 on coffee tv 20. we look feared to seeing you over on 7 at 11:00. good night 


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